Bartwuchs …

Liebe Bärte,
das Onlinemagazin Dutch Progressive Rock Page rezensiert unser Album und vergibt 8 Punkte:

“..While the concept is spun very well, the writers renounced any over-the-top theatrical arrangements á la Dream Theater or Vanden Plas, but they keep the metal rolling instead, in a manner of the most brilliant Queensryche albums. And that’s exactly how it has to be, because what we get to hear are the mad insights of a psychopath. Mischa Mang’s profession as a musical artist fully comes to pass in this setting, his incredible vocals walk hand in hand with his expressive way of acting in order to draw the picture of a crazy, rotten mind, and it seems as if it wouldn’t take him any efforts.
But, as if the whole thing wouldn’t be hard enough to achieve already, the band decided on German lyrics, which is one of the toughest things to do in rock and metal. Up to today, all attempts to integrate the German language in rock music have failed miserably and always sounded phonetically weird, rhythmically stumbling, or ended up in a weird, ugly linguistic form. in Meister5tück the problem magically doesn’t occur. If you don’t care for the lyrics, you might not even notice that it’s a language other than English you’re listening to.
But still it would be just half the deal if these incredible lyrics and vocals weren’t embedded in such a solid instrumental arrangement of artful heavy metal at a very high level of musicianship. Especially the rhythm section created quite some interesting bass lines, licks and fills, which make the album stand out instrumental-wise. But all instruments together create a great surrounding that matches the concept and the lyrics pretty perfectly…”

Vielen Dank an für die Rezension, die ihr vollständig hier nachlesen könnt, viel Spaß beim Anhören und entscheidet selbst, if we “ended up in an weird ugly linguistic form” oder ob dieses Problem in “Meister5tück” “magically” nicht auftritt 🙂

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